Membership Application

The society welcomes people with commitment to health and safety of all at work. To qualify as members, applicants should be in position with decision making responsibilities over the health and safety of employee workers. Formal academic qualifications in such related fields, such as safety, engineering, nursing and medicine would be essential.

There are three categories of membership

1) Ordinary Membership
2) Associate Membership
3) Corporate Membership

Entrance Fee:
A entrance fee of $10 is payable by all new membership application

Annual subscriptions are payable as follows:
Ordinary Membersip : S$ 50 /-
Associate Membership : S$ 30 /-
Corporate Membersip : S$ 200 /-

* For full information on the membership qualification and rights, please refer to the Constitution

A person or any organisation wishing to join the Society should submit his particulars to the Secretary on the membership application form together with the entrance fee and annual subscription. The acceptance for membership will be at the discretion of the OEHS Executive committee.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary membership is open to individual persons who hold academic or professional qualifications in medicine or allied scientific disciplines of relevance to occupational and environmental health and safety,such as occupational hygiene,safety,ergonomics,health promotion etc or is active in the field of occupational or environmental health. Ordinary Members have the right to vote and the right to hold office in the Society.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to individual persons who do not have relevant academic or professional qualifications as stated in para 4.2 (i) but who have a keen interest in the society’s activities. However the Associate member shall have no voting rights or the right to hold office in the Society

Corporate Membership

a. Corporate Membership is open to organisations with interest in occupational and environmental health. The purpose of corporate membership is to provide interested organisations with an opportunity to support the society in its activities in a meaningful way.

b. Each Corporate member shall nominate two representatives to the society. Representatives of Corporate members shall have no voting rights. Their representatives shall not have the right to hold office in the society.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of the OEHS, you join the ranks of like- minded professionals who work to improve the occupational and environmental health and safety of workers. You will enjoy the following benefits:

# Participation at forums, workshops and lectures organised by the society, either for free or at very nominal fees.

# Having the opportunities to exchange information and interact with experts from all related fields of occupational health and safety, such as hygienists, physicians, engineers and other key personnel who can act as agents for change for a better and healthier workforce.

# Being at the cutting edge of latest in occupational health, be it in related aspects of legislation, technology, medicine or safety.